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Trainees renovate the BAUHAUS facade in Tel Aviv

This year's most important promotional project for the Sto Foundation involves a significant matrix of cultural, historical, construction technology-related and intercultural factors. 100 years of Bauhaus. A residential property built in this style in the ‘White City’ in Tel Aviv is undergoing comprehensive renovation at the hands of young craftspeople. Mixed teams of trainees from Germany - plasterers as well as painters - will shortly be joining forces to work with Israeli craftspeople and students. ‘Open for Renovation’ is the name of this project, the goal of which is to perform a full renovation and conversion of the former Max-Liebling-House, turning it into the future White City Center. On 19 September, this building will be inaugurated in its official new capacity as the German-Israeli Documentation, Mediation and Competence Centre.

The charitable Sto Foundation is organising and financing the extensive facade renovation work of four German-Israeli teams, each of whom will be living and working together for a ten-day period in the city between the end of March and mid-May 2019. The plan is for three teams of five trainee plasterers from the vocational training school and the vocational training centre in Leonberg to each work for one week on the facade of the Max-Liebling-House. After the cracks have been renovated and any damaged plasterwork has been touched up, seven young painters from seven German vocational training schools will apply a gleaming new coat of paintwork to the facade.

In the weeks to come, daily reports will appear here from the participating trainees in which they recount their working week and report on their intercultural experiences together with other newsworthy items about the project.