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Trainees renovate the BAUHAUS facade in Tel Aviv

This year's most important promotional project for the Sto Foundation involves a significant matrix of cultural, historical, construction technology-related and intercultural factors. 100 years of Bauhaus: A residential property built in this style in the ‘White City’ in Tel Aviv has been renovated by the hands of young craftspeople. Mixed teams of trainees from Germany - plasterers as well as painters - joined forces to work with Israeli craftspeople and students. ‘Open for Renovation’ is the name of this project, the goal of which is to perform a full renovation and conversion of the former Max-Liebling-House, turning it into the future White City Center. On 19 September, this building has been inaugurated in its official new capacity as the German-Israeli Documentation, Mediation and Competence Centre.

Opening of the Max-Liebling-House in Tel Aviv