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  • Trainees renovating in Tel Aviv

    Trainees renovating in Tel Aviv

    Trainees from Germany and Israel renovate

    the BAUHAUS facade of the Max-Liebling-House


  • Sto Foundation supports the best young plasterers

    Sto Foundation supports the best young plasterers

    The Foundation has extended its support to young talents in the plastering trade.

  • International exchange programme

    International exchange programme

    The Sto Foundation welcomes the next generation of tradesmen from Spain


The main duty of the not-for-profit Sto Foundation is to fund young people during their training. In addition to architecture students, the Foundation supports trainee painters and plasterers from disadvantaged backgrounds who are in need of financial assistance but who are still role models for others due to their exceptional achievements.

The main focuses in this regard are the specialised training and personal development of the students. The current education system urgently needs stimuli which combine not only theories, practical applications, and the construction industry on a constructive level of dialogue, but also the general interests of its students. This gives life to new products as a result of the close cooperation between designers, contractors, and the building material industry, where experimental initiatives are often required.