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Help for Ukraine: Application 2022

Sto Foundation announces special funding for support projects for refugees that will be effective in the medium and long term.

The numbers of refugees, which rose very quickly after the start of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, are now matched by an equally fast-growing willingness to help on the part of numerous initiatives, institutions, cities and municipalities, the state and the federal government. This support will also be needed in the medium term if - in the worst case - the war continues for many more months. Against this backdrop, the non-profit Sto Foundation has decided to develop effective and usable long-term support projects for the Ukrainian population and to promote them, particularly in the fields of architecture and crafts. Cooperation with initiatives and aid organisations that already have relevant knowledge and networks is expressly desired.

Any form of support is conceivable that benefits Ukrainian citizens as a whole, but also subgroups - i.e. families, individuals, small children, schoolchildren, the elderly or the disabled. This support can take place in Ukraine itself, in neighbouring countries or in other countries or places of arrival for refugees who have been directly or indirectly affected by the crisis. Projects for the specific care of individual sub-groups are possible, as is the joint planning and construction of temporary accommodation, transitory forms of housing, leisure, learning or retreat spaces.

The conception and realisation of meeting places that serve to integrate citizens from Ukraine with the resident population in Germany or other EU countries are also conceivable.

The aim of this project funding from the Sto Foundation is to create humane conditions that will enable adequate living, housing, learning and working conditions to be created for the citizens from Ukraine in the long term.

The Sto Foundation is not only contributing the funding amount of 100,000 euros for this purpose. It also has broad experience in the planning and construction of charitable buildings as part of student DesignBuild projects worldwide. With an annual funding volume of one million euros, it has for many years supported above all the next generation of craftsmen in the finishing trade as well as students of architecture. Through the cooperation of both groups, it has been possible to construct purpose-built buildings with a social commitment in numerous DesignBuild projects.

Project ideas under the title "Help for Ukraine Sto-Stiftung" can be submitted here until 30 June 2022.