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DesignBuild-Application 2021

In 2021, the Sto Foundation is offering a competition in two categories in the DesignBuild area
- "DesignBuild Project" and "DesignBuild Reflect" - each of which must be applied for separately.

A total of 150,000 euros will be awarded for both competitions.
The deadline for both competition categories is March 31, 2021.

FOTO: PSBA Düsseldorf

Online application
DesignBuild PROJECT 2021

Despite the great restrictions that the pandemic has placed on these projects in particular, the Foundation has already received a number of applications that can be implemented at this time. We have therefore decided to announce the competition again this year under the title "DesignBuild Project".
We call on all architecture faculties and departments of all universities in Germany and in Europe to apply.

DesignBuild Project

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Online application
DesignBuild REFLECT 2021

Past DesignBuild projects have provided a wealth of valuable experience that can be of great importance not only to the individual but to future projects as a whole. Due to Corona-induced limitations, perhaps now is the time to reflect on "DesignBuild" in its entirety. This is why the Sto Foundation has decided to open up its book series with "DesignBuild Reflect".

DesignBuild Reflect

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