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Second team of trainee plasterers in Tel Aviv


Passing on the baton at the Max-Liebling House

While the first team of young craftspeople was gathering some initial impressions of Israel on their accompanying cultural programme, the second team of trainees from Germany flew in on 30 March. On the following day, five new trainee plasterers took over the work of renovating the facade of the Max-Liebling House. The members of this team are Lisa Vorlaufer from Freudenstadt, Dennis Ohl from Bad Didzenbach, Kevin Seitter from Stuttgart, Mathias Hipp from Irndorf and Bastian Walther from Bad Herrenalb.

Each of the three teams of five trainee plasterers from the vocational training school and the vocational training centre in Leonberg works on the facade of the Max-Liebling House for one week, renovating cracks and upgrading the plaster. Seven trainee painters & decorators from various German vocational training schools are working on the new paintwork. Each team is supplemented by five young Israeli craftspeople. This brings in trainees from the ‘Israel Antiquities Authority’. A class of architecture students from Bezalel University in Jerusalem is also interested. After the workshop session, the trainees from Germany gain an initial impression of Israel in an accompanying cultural programme.

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