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Prize winners selected in the Sto Foundation competition to find the best apprentices


Berlin. Under the motto, “You’ve got what it takes - now show us!”, the non-profit Sto Foundation has been supporting trainees learning the painting and varnishing trade with an annual competition to find the best apprentices since 2012. Nominated by teachers of painter classes at vocational colleges in Germany, the nationwide search for the 100 best trainees started at the beginning of the year. In order to provide the young apprentices with the best possible preparation for their final examination, the support includes a book pack together with high-quality tools valued at almost EUR 1,000, supplied by the professional fitter Storch. The 100 prize winners were selected in mid-April and the striking green cases are currently being presented to their new owners across the country.

Six of this year's prize winners came from the Wilhelm-Ostwald school in Berlin. To honour the apprentices appropriately and the master craftsmen who trained them, the Painting and Varnishing Guild in Berlin held a ceremony. President of the Guild, Guido Müller, underlined the value of the support in his congratulatory speech, “I highly appreciate the initiative of the Sto Foundation, the campaign signifies a genuine way to recruit young talents for our industrial sector.”

Konrad Richter, from the the Foundation Council, addressed special thanks to the teachers, “They are the ones who support the talented and highly promising young apprentices. Without their commitment, we wouldn't be able to support these trainees.”

Those wishing to gain further qualifications after their successful training can continue to count on the Sto Foundation. Generous grants are available for technician apprenticeships or for going on to university.

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