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11-2015_Bestenwettbewerb - Österreich

Essen. It is not only in Germany that vocational training for prospective tradesmen is highly rated - something that was impressively demonstrated at last year's EuroSkills, the European championships for trades. Austria also trains excellent painters and varnishers every year at twelve vocational colleges.

Young apprentices learning the painter and varnisher trades have excellent prospects with a good qualification. If they also continue with their training after their apprenticeship, nothing stands in the way of a master craftsman's diploma or a leading position in their chosen trade.

In order to increasingly meet the foundation's own aspirations in terms of internationalisation also in supporting training in the trades, the Sto Foundation is extending its successful competition to find the best painter apprentices to Austria this year.

The offer is addressed to young talents in the last year of their apprenticeship. One member from each of the 21 painter classes nationwide will be presented with a tool case equipped with top-quality tools to enable them to be ideally prepared when they go into their final examinations. The best apprentices will be nominated by their teachers at the vocational colleges.

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