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Sto-Stiftung selects winners of the summer school competition 2014

Prof. Dirk Bayer (TU Kaiserslautern), Prof. Peter Cheret (University Stuttgart) and Uwe Koos (Sto-Stiftung)
Prof. Dirk Bayer (TU Kaiserslautern), Prof. Peter Cheret (University Stuttgart) and Uwe Koos (Sto-Stiftung)

Stuttgart/Essen. Awareness of sustainability and international perspectives form an integral part of the education of prospective architects. Glancing across borders alone helps expand one’s own perspective. This is why at the beginning of the year the non-profit foundation Sto-Stiftung offered its summer school competition for the fourth time already.

It was looking for internationally oriented courses on “sustainability and energetically sensible ways of construction”. The competition was open to all faculties for architecture and civil engineering in Germany.

Under the chairmanship of foundation council member Prof. Peter Cheret of Stuttgart University the jury recently assessed the well over 30 submissions. Because they fulfil the foundation’s requirements of internationality, compelling design and visibility in an exemplary manner, the four winning projects were awarded a total of 35.000 €:

Cameroonian-German DIY building project “Rising Education – l’école élémentaire”

Under the coordination of Prof. Susanne Hoffmann, 15 students of TU Berlin, called the building pilots, are developing and implementing a bilingual primary school in Bertoua/Cameroon in cooperation with the Hope Foundation (a German-Cameroonian NGO) and local workers and experts.

“Hamlet Creche (Oppie Koppie Creche)” – international DIY building project in South Africa

Expansion of the cultural centre Guga S’Thebe by a children’s theatre in Langa/Cape Town. More than 200 craftsmen, artists and students – besides RWTH Aachen, the Peter Behrens School of Architecture Düsseldorf also from Georgia Tech Atlanta and the University of Cape Town – are taking part in the process.

“Bolivia Design-Build Project” – German-Bolivian DIY building project of an agricultural school

Design and implementation project of an agricultural school in Bella Vista/Bolivia in cooperation with TU Berlin, chair of Prof. Ralf Pasel, and Universidad Mayor de san Simon de Cochabamba.

“Village makes opera” – design project in Klein Leppin

Under the direction of Prof. Donatella Fioretti, 80 first year students are designing and building architectural features. In the context of a baroque opera house, the task is to work out which fragments of the history of the Baroque are preserved in Klein Leppin and how the idea of the baroque park in a Brandenburg village can be revived by means of contemporary architectural resources.

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