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Students building for the community

In addition to presenting international do-it-yourself student projects, the reference book
In addition to presenting international do-it-yourself student projects, the reference book "on going – Students building for the community" also provides tips for planning and implementing such a summer school. Collage: Sto Foundation

Sto Foundation publishes do-it-yourself project guideline

Sto Foundation sponsors do-it-yourself student projects across the world through a summer school competition. Within the scope of international projects, students develop awareness of the aspects of building in various countries and regions. 2018 heralds the sixth year of the summer school competition, which the Sto Foundation is funding to the sum of EUR 100,000 in total.

A number of architecture faculties and departments in European uni-versities have applied for project funding. Once again applicants were free to choose any topic they wished. Focal points were resource preservation, regional building culture, cityscape and energy, coop-eration between architecture and the building trades and internationally organised event formats.

A four-member jury of experts will review submissions for the 2018 competition at the beginning of February and decide which projects will be funded. The Sto Foundation will present the winners on its website.

Reference book "on going"

17 international projects from summer school competitions over the last five years are showcased in the reference book "on going – Students build for the community". The book encompasses a guideline for students and project managers planning do-it-yourself projects.

Book "on going"

Request for project funding [PDF]

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