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Sto Foundation declares award winners of the summer school competition 2013

The jury, consisting of Prof. Ludwig Wappner, Allmann Sattler Wappner; Foundation Council member Prof. Peter Cheret, University Stuttgart; and Uwe Koos, Chairman of the Sto Foundation (from left to right), had almost 30 submissions to evaluate. Initiator Peter Cheret was highly impressed with the quality and number of the submissions even though it is the third edition of the competition: “In addition to a professional qualification, international perspectives are important in the training of architects. Our competition enables us to contribute something towards this.”

Stuttgart/Essen. Hardly any other topic in the training of pro-spective architects is given so much attention as the awareness of sustainability. International collaboration also plays a special role in the syllabus - since cross-border work helps to broaden one’s own view.

To support the German architectural faculties effectively in the international exchange of ideas, the Sto Foundation held the summer school competition for the third time at the beginning of the year for internationally oriented courses on “Sustainability and energy-efficient construction methods”.

Chairman of the Foundation Council, Prof. Peter Cheret, Uni-versity of Stuttgart, presided over the jury's assessment of the submissions at the beginning of May. As they fulfilled the Foun-dation's requirements of internationality, stringent design, and high public profile in an exemplary manner, four projects were each awarded EUR 10,000.

Belgian-German workshop “Maas_Madame or Monster?”

Interdisciplinary study of the landscape created by the river Maas in the cross-border area between Maastricht and Liège with regard to a future urban planning and landscape concept. Architecture RWTH Aachen, Sabine Rabe, Jorg Sieweke in cooperation with the Universitée de Liège and Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht

“A school for Sondoveni – German-Peruvian construction project built by students in an ecological construction type”

Prof. Arno Lederer, University of Stuttgart, Institute of Public Building and Design, in collaboration with the Cresciendo aid agency, and in cooperation with the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

“Re-designing Como waterfront: between city and landscape”

International workshop in Como, Italy with students from the universities Politecnico di Milano, Krakow Polytechnic, Szczecin Polytechnic, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Budapest Polytechnic, University of Jerusalem, University of Atlanta , MacKenzie University Sao Paulo, Escuola Tecnica Superior de Barcelona

“Multifunctional hall and cultural centre Guga´s Thebe in township Langa, South Africa”

Self-construction project involving students and local helpers. Architectural journal AIT with the cooperating universities PBSA Düsseldorf, RWTH Aachen, GaTech Atlanta

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