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„You’ve got what it takes – now show us!“


„You’ve got what it takes – now show us!“

Essen. Young people training to be a painter and varnisher will have excellent prospects with a good degree. Especially if they continue to upgrade their qualifications, nothing stands in the way of a master craftsman’s certificate or a managerial position in the crafts.

The non-profit foundation Sto-Stiftung has made it its mission to support talented and motivated young painters during training. After the great success of the first competition, the foundation is again looking for the 100 best apprentice painters in Germany this year.

Until February 15th, 2014, each vocational school with classes for painters in Germany can nominate one pupil per class whose average mark after the first semester is 2,4 or better. What counts is the receipt of the nominations since the support is limited to 100 apprentices. The offer addresses young painters in their third year of training. These young people the schools suggest will be presented with a tool case equipped with high quality tools by professional supplier Storch in order to be optimally prepared for their final exams.

Konrad Richter, council member responsible for the crafts and long-time head of the vocational college Hennef, is sure that this support is exactly what is needed: “The tool case helps, above all, those apprentices that are worse off financially. And the dedicated teachers at vocational schools know best who is eligible for the support. With their nomination, the colleagues show that their apprentices matter to them.”

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