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Architecture Today | Women in Architecture | Lectures from 18 October


Only women are featured for the 30th anniversary

To this day, women remain underrepresented in architecture. But "architecture is no more a man’s world”, as Zaha Hadid pointed out. This time around, only successful female architects will be featured in the "Architecture Today" lecture series at the University of Tübingen that begins on 18 October. The Sto Foundation is sponsoring the events,

which were organised 30 years ago by Dr. Ursula Schwitalla of Tübingen's Art History Society, and feature overriding themes or a series on a specific country. During the 2016/17 winter semester, the focus is placed on the education, work and success of female architects. However, the series will not only deal with feminist architecture because the lecturers and the organiser of the event agree that there is no female or male architecture, just good architecture and bad architecture.

The lectures will take place in the Kupferbau of the University of Tübingen, auditorium 25, Hölderlinstr. 5, 72070 Tübingen. The lectures start at 20:00 c.t. and admission is free.

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Poster: Architecture Today WS 2016/17 | Women in Architecture

Architecture Today WS 2016/17 | Women in Architecture
Architecture Today WS 2016/17 | Women in Architecture

Lectures in October and November 2016

18 Oct. | Manuelle Gautrand | Paris / France

8 Nov. | Pavithra Sri Prakash | Chennai / India

17 Nov. | Rozana Montiel | Mexico City / Mexico

Lectures in January and February 2017

17 Jan. | Melkan Gürsel | Istanbul / Turkey

24. Jan. | Annabelle Selldorf | New York / USA

7. Feb. | Helena Weber | Dornbirn / Austria

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