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November Lectures 2016 in Stuttgart


Sto Foundation sponsors expert lectures at the University of Stuttgart for the 11th time

The event, sponsored by the Sto Foundation, is now well established and it is popular with students and those interested in architecture alike. The series featuring project reports from highly distinguished representatives of contemporary architecture has now expanded to five additional European universities in Graz, London, Milan, Paris and Prague. This year, Kazuyo Sejima will start the November Lectures at the University of Stuttgart. The Japanese architect will open the series on 9 November at the Faculty for Architecture and Urban Planning.

In 2010, Kazuyo Sejima and her office "SANAA Architects" received the Pritzker Prize. SANAA's buildings strive to achieve a harmonious relationship between architecture and nature. Her work is characterised by clear shapes while her style is characterised by restraint. Luigi Snozzi will follow on 16 November. The man from Ticino opened his first firm in 1958. His work and teachings have had a major influence on contemporary Swiss architecture to this day. Snozzi views the past as an inspiration for something new and always tries to reference his surroundings.

Farshid Moussavi will be the guest in Stuttgart on 23 November. Via the FunctionLab research institute, "Farshid Moussavi Architecture" combines architectural practice with important research. The London firm provides architecture with the opportunity to actively shape culture. Alexandre Theriot will conclude the Stuttgart Lectures on 30 November. The following realisation is the basis for the Parisian firm "Bruther" that he runs together with Stéphanie Bru: The use of a building will change but not its basic structure.

The events with the project reports will be held at 19:00 each Wednesday in November in the "Tiefenhörsaal" of the K2 high rise of the University of Stuttgart. Admission is free.

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The dates at the University of Stuttgart at a glance:

09. Nov. Kazuyo Sejima, SANAA Tokyo

16. Nov. Luigi Snozzi, Studio Snozzi Locarno

23. Nov. Farshid Moussavi, Farshid Moussavi Architecture London

30. Nov. Alexandre Theriot, Bruther Paris

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