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Promotion of excellence in crafts newly structured


Promotion of excellence in crafts newly structured

Essen. Since 2006, the non-profit foundation Sto-Stiftung has also been promoting the education of young painter and varnishers in its funding area crafts. In order to effectively pool the numerous initiatives of the last years, the foundation council decided to restructure the funding according to a new concept.

The education pyramid symbolizes the four stages of funding, ranging from financial support of the initial vocational training to technician training to a potential university degree. For Konrad Richter, member of the foundation council, the four-stage concept is the logical consequence of eight years of foundation work: “It is our guiding principle to qualify the talented and promising young generation of painters as leaders in the skilled crafts. Two former scholarship holders are proving right now that this works. After successful technician training and the master craftsman, respectively, they were now even able to start a degree course at university.”

At the beginning of the year, the concept reaches the best apprentices and the vocational schools in Germany. Furthermore, the Sto-Stiftung has published a concise brochure providing information on funding opportunities.

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