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Dienstagsreihe | Quality and Quantity | 5 April 2016


Dienstagsreihe 2016 Qualität und Quantität

Students of architecture at Coburg University have been holding their “Dienstagsreihe” (a series of lectures every Tuesday) since 2002. They invite architects, landscape architects, interior designers, designers, photographers, artists, and critics from across Europe to the lectures and opening events.

The Sto Foundation supports the series of lectures at which not only renowned guests from international offices are represented, but often also graduates from Coburg University. Students are given an insight into working methods, as well as the opportunity to meet people personally and take part in intense dialogue with them.

Roland Duda from Ortner & Ortner Baukunst with offices in Berlin, Cologne, and Vienna will open the series of lectures for the summer semester on 5 April. Until mid-June, Duda and his colleagues will be focusing on the question of whether and how to combine quality with quantity with respect to the planning, course, and execution of their projects. The managing shareholder of the Berlin-based office manages large projects such as the new building of the Saxon State and University Library, S.L.U.B. in Dresden, the Lilien-Carré in Wiesbaden, and the State Archive in Duisburg. Duda is currently involved in the modernisation of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin.

Entrance to all the events is free.

5 April | 7 p.m. | Audimax | Coburg University Faculty of Design

Am Hofbräuhaus 1a | 96450 Coburg

Further dates of Dienstagsreihe

12 April | Tobias Lindenmann | Adrian Streich Architekten | Zurich

19 April | Anke Lorber | studio lot | Munich, Altötting

26 April | Marcel Drescher | md-esign | Nurnberg

10 May | Wolfram Richter | Coburg University | Kansas State University Manhattan

24 May | Prof. Martin Synold | Coburg University

31 May | Thomas Müller | Müller Reimann Architekten | Berlin

7 June l Luigi Snozzi | Locarno

14 June | Michiko Bach, Daniel Dolder | Bach Dolder Architekten | Darmstadt

anniversary event | Friday | 3 June | 11:00 am | "222 Dienstagsreihen"

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