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12 November | Andreas Cukrowicz gives a talk on quality through simplicity


12 November | Andreas Cukrowicz gives a talk on quality through simplicity

Projects by Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten are the embodiment of modesty and concentration on the essential. The duo from Bregenz is known for creating clear, pragmatic solutions for the extensive challenges facing modern architecture. In doing so, they place great value on economical construction and solid workmanship. On 12 November, Andreas Cukrowicz will be presenting this approach and their way of working as part of the November Talks in Stuttgart.

The extension of the Vorarlberg Museum in Bregenz is probably the firm’s best-known project. In keeping with their simple approach, they incorporated the listed building of the former district authority into the design and maintained it almost completely. A new building and the addition of another storey create a compact ensemble that houses the artistic and cultural history of the Austrian federal state. From afar, the building blends harmoniously into its surrounding thanks to its colour. When viewed from close up, the particular detail of the facade becomes apparent: over 16,000 individual concrete flowers are “scattered” across the facade of the new building, creating an interesting interplay of shadows. The bottoms of plastic drinking bottles were used as casting moulds.

The November Talks take place every Wednesday at 19:00, in the Tiefenhörsaal of the University of Stuttgart, with the support of the Sto Foundation. Admission is free.

On 19 November, Kersten Geers and David van Severen (Brussels) are expected to give a presentation on their work.


November Talks Stuttgart

Andreas Cukrowicz (Video | 6:15 Min.)

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