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A successful year

Sto-Stiftung documents support
Sto-Stiftung documents support

Essen. The non-profit foundation Sto-Stiftung has been supporting the education of prospective painter and varnishers as well as of students of architecture since 2005. In 2012, a total of 385 000 € could be made available for scholarships, lecture series, publications and international exchange programmes. The foundation’s new report documents the variety of funding measures.

Highlights of foundation life in the area of skilled crafts were the sympathetic performances of the stucco plasterers’ national team as well as the first nationwide competition for the best painting apprentices. In the field of architecture, targeted help could be provided by means of two scholarships. Furthermore, the “November Reihe”, a lecture series with well-known speakers, could, in addition to Stuttgart and Graz, take place in Milan fort he first time.