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Lecture series “November Reihen” 2014 at five European venues


Lecture series “November Reihen” 2014 at five European venues

Stuttgart. The successful “November Reihen”, a lecture series on contemporary architecture, has been funded by the non-profit foundation Sto-Stiftung since its launch in 2006. This autumn, Bratislava will be added to the four venues Stuttgart, Graz, Milan and Paris. Exciting work reports by renowned architects can be experienced there.

Expecting people interested in architecture at the Tiefenhörsaal of the K2 high-rise of the University of Stuttgart every Wednesday:

5. Nov. | Odile Decq, Studio Odile Decq

12. Nov. | KerstenGeers, OFFICE KerstenGeers David Van Severen

19. Nov. | Andreas Cukrowicz, CukrowitzNachbaur Architekten

26. Nov. | Robin Cross, Article 25

Talking at the auditorium “Alte Technik” of Graz University of Technology on Mondays:

3. Nov. | Mauricio Pezo, Sofia von Ellrichshausen, Pezo von Ellrichshausen

17. Nov. | Arno Brandlhuber, b&k+

24. Nov. | CarmePigem, RCR Arquitectes

1. Dez. | SasaRandic, Randic and Associates

Taking position at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville:

6. Nov. | José Morales, MGM Arquitectos

13. Nov. | Pilar Calderon, Calderon-Folch-SarsanedasArquitectes

20. Nov. | Ricardo Bak Gordon, Atelier Bak Gordon Arquitectos

27. Nov. | Tony Fretton, Tony Fretton Architects

The pemiere at the Slovakian University of technology (STU) in Bratislava presents prominent speakers:

6. Nov. | Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić, NFO

13. Nov. | Will Asop, aLL Design

20. Nov. | Benedetta Tagliabue, EMBT

27. Nov. | MasimilianoFuksas, MasimilianoFuksas Architecture

Confirmed speakers for the November Conferences at Politecnico di Milano are:

20. Nov. | JosepLluis Mateo, Mateo Arquitectura

27. Nov. | Peter Wilson, Bolles+Wilson

1. Dez. | Shigeru Ban, Shigeru Ban Architects

8. Dez. | Francine Houben, MecanooArchitecten

Professor Cheret, member of the board of trustees, is excited about the growing number of venues: “With our concept of cross-border exchange, we create opportunities to develop new ideas and to overcome barriers.” Admission to all events is free.

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