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From journeyman to master craftsman


From journeyman to master craftsman

Hamburg/Essen. It requires a lot of discipline and will power to not start working immediately after a successful apprenticeship but to spend two more years learning.

The Sto-Stiftung supports such courageous young people from the craft of painting and varnishing on their way to become a technician by means of a scholarship of 1 000 € per semester. The technical colleges in Berlin, Fulda, Hildesheim, Lahr/Black Forest, Munich and Stuttgart could nominate candidates.

A seminar programme complements this support. To kick it off, the new group of scholars met in Hamburg in July. Together with their vocational school teachers they attended a communication workshop and explored, among other things, the Deutsche Maler-und Lackierer-Museum (German museum of painters and varnishers) and took a look at the backstage area of the Thalia Theater.

Konrad Richter, foundation council member for the crafts, was delighted by the level of enthusiasm and commitment: “Our programme proves the importance of financial support especially in the crafts. The two-year postgraduate course to become a state-certified technician is a costly affair for many. With our scholarship, we can take this pressure away from the young people.”

With the completion of their studies, the scholars obtain an entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, thus qualifying as future leaders in trades and industry.

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Press release


Paint Technician Seminar

Scholarship holder Carolin Spath from Lahr (Video clip | 0:46 Min.)

Vocational school teacher Miriam Meier from Munich (Video clip | 0:40 Min.)

Scholarship holder Saskia Malke from Hildesheim (Video clip | 0:53 Min.)

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