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From the skilled crafts to university


From the skilled crafts to university

Hamburg/Essen. In cooperation with the Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz (National Association for Paint, Design, and Building Preservation) the foundation Sto-Stiftung is pursuing an extraordinary path in the promotion of elites. The goal is to support ambitious journeymen in the craft sector of painting and varnishing who are striving for a higher degree by means of further training with a scholarship.

Seven German technical colleges offer the degree course “State-certified Technician”. During the two-year advanced course, graduates obtain a degree with a particular focus on design and historic preservation or car body and vehicle technology. Depending on the state, this degree may also serve as entrance qualification to universities of applied sciences, thus giving the graduates the opportunity to qualify by means of a university degree for leadership roles in trade and industry.

This is why at the beginning of the year the foundation offered a training grant. The colleges had the opportunity to name one particularly high-achieving student worthy of funding each, who would be supported with 1.000 € per semester. “I’m really pleased that there are no less than four women among the first six scholars,” says foundation council member Konrad Richter. “That does away with the old prejudice that there’s no room for women in the building trade.”

A seminar programme complements the financial support, which for the time being is planned to last four years. To kick things off, the beneficiaries are meeting in Hamburg in July, where the focus will be on special paint finishes in aviation, the automotive industry and shipbuilding. Visits and discussions are planned at Airbus, Lufthansa Technik and Lacksystem Mankiewicz.

“Our fellows belong to the elite of the painting and varnishing craft. We would like to help them qualify as future leaders. The aim is to organize fellow students in a network in a way that will allow them to stay connected,” Richter explains the self-set goals.

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