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Sto-Stiftung doubles funding volume


Sto-Stiftung doubles funding volume

26.01.2011 Essen/Munich. On occasion of its fifth birthday, the Sto-Stiftung made students and teachers of architecture as well as prospective painters and stucco plasterers a special present. At the BAU 2011, Jochen Stotmeister, chairman of the board, announced the doubling of the present funding volume. In the next five years, a yearly total of 350 000 € will be available for the promotion of education in the fields of architecture and crafts.

“With these additional resources, the scope of our activities will expand considerably”, says the board member responsible for architecture, Prof. Peter Cheret from the University of Stuttgart. “The foundation supports individual plans as well as events and projects serving international exchange and sustainable building.” Furthermore, further applications can be submitted to the Deutsches Stiftungszentrum, the German Centre for Foundations, in Essen.

In addition to the direct support of individual student papers and research projects, the DETAIL scholarship for four students of architecture, lecture series such as the “November Reihe” in Stuttgart as well as international summer schools, among other things, are included in the foundations funding programme.

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