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The Sto Foundation passes on success
Jochen Stotmeister
Jochen Stotmeister

The Sto Foundation first started to fulfil its objectives back in 2005, when it was founded to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company. The main goal was, and still is, to fund the training of young people in the painting and plastering trade as well as students in the fields of construction and architecture. One of the distinct characteristics of our Foundation is that we do not only grant classic scholarships, but also attach high importance to social aspects. Young people in the trade industry beginning their training under difficult circumstances as a result of their disadvantaged backgrounds should also receive our support.

A diverse range of scholarships, funds, and seminars is available for these endeavours, which shape the life of the Foundation. Apprentice painters are provided with high-quality work materials at the beginning of their apprenticeship, and successful assistants can receive a scholarship for their technical training. A seminar for young master craftsmen has already taken place, in which the participants learn the important facts about how to manage people and companies.

It is important for us to encourage dialogue between tradesmen and architects. After all, this dialogue is absolutely essential when it comes to mutual cooperation on the construction site. We are thrilled to be able to make a real contribution to achieving this level of understanding. The “Fantasy worlds – the search for the feasible” competition was founded back in 2007 to encourage collaboration between those working towards becoming master plasters and architecture students. As part of this competition, students explore the limits of what is technically feasible by participating in several different projects.

With all kinds of exciting projects going on, there has also been a lot to talk about in the field of architecture. But amongst the variety of high-ranking lectures that have taken place, the November course in Stuttgart – funded by scholarships from the Foundation and the summer school competition that has taken place annually since 2011 – must be singled out. German architecture faculties can submit applications for courses that deal with breaking through limits within the topic of sustainability. In addition, the Sto Foundation always supports schemes in which budding architects themselves lend a helping hand. Whether in Mexico, Peru, or South Africa, students experience first-hand just how their work makes a difference to people.

At this point, we must first of all take the opportunity to thank Foundation Council members Prof. Peter Cheret (Architecture) and Konrad Richter (Trade), who carry out their voluntary roles with exceptional commitment, expert knowledge, vision, and creativity.

I wish them all the very best with their Foundation-related activities, as well as the luck they need for the tasks ahead.

Jochen Stotmeister

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sto Management SE, Deputy Chairman of the Foundation Council