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Committees, figures, and funds

The Sto Foundation has been active ever since it launched its first funding projects after being founded in 2005. Funds totalling EUR 100,000 are available each year and the Foundation Council decides how these are used. According to the charter, this committee consists of three to seven people and is made up of education experts and representatives from the fields of trade and architecture.

The acting Foundation Council is made up of five people:

Prof. Peter Cheret

Institute of Building Construction and Design at the University of Stuttgart

Konrad J. Richter

Retired Headmaster, former principal of the Hennef commercial college

Jochen Stotmeister

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sto Management SE, Deputy Chairman of the Foundation Council

Uwe Koos

Chairman of the Foundation Council

Till Stahlbusch

Head of Public Relations Sto Foundation

Selfless and directly beneficial to others

The Foundation Council selects three of its representatives to form the Foundation's Executive Board, which conducts the commercial operations of the Foundation, correctly manages its assets, and ensures that it only engages in charitable causes.