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Nachbericht | Josep Ricart Ulldemolins in Paris [englisch]


Josep Ricart Ulldemolins, one of Harquitectes four partners, gave a lecture at the ENSAPB presenting about ten of the Barcelona agency's architectural projects. All can be found less than an hour and a half from each other by car. This geographical fact shows their desire to be part of a territory, an ecology, where they know the climate and the actors. The theme of this year's lecture series is precisely called Ecology(s), and we understand the different meanings of it in the work of these Catalans. In addition to their involvement in a territory, they combine ecology with material and money saving, and place devices that reduce energy consumption at the heart of their designs. All these pragmatic points are put into shape in projects with radical plans and refined aesthetics.

Como Rolin



Josep Ricart Ulldemolin gives advice not to try to create something completely new.

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