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Pesamuna nest eggs - by Karolin Kull [Englisch]


Interior Scholarship – Das AIT-Stipendium der Sto-Stiftung | Blogbeitrag von der Stipendiatin Karolin Kull

From Estonian nature to tabletop.

This semester I had a chance to work on a very personal project. I have had this idea of a small lamp idling along in my head for quite some time. It has always been a topic of interest for me as light as such has an immense power over how one perceives space.

The idea started forming when I heard about a class that my acquaintance was having. He was working on prototyping and had to use a metal flip, like you use for a light switch, for his object which immediately caught my eye. Taking this brief as a starting point I developed my own challenge to work.

The lamp I designed is inspired by a stork’s nest. The stork is a frequent but monumental sight in my home Estonia. Storks mainly inhabit open landscapes and river basins. Storks also aren’t afraid to be in the surroundings of human settlements as they often build their homes on top of power poles. Growing up, I came across vast amounts of stork’s nests as they are easy to spot due to their size and placement.

The name of the lamp is “Pesamuna”, which directly translated into in English means nest egg, however, meaning-wise would be something or someone who is the youngest of the family who is held very dear (as the egg of the nest is).

“Pesamuna” is a series of indirect lamps which come in different sizes – for tabletop and floors, in plywood and metal cradles.

Karolin Kull

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