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Nachbericht | Georges Descombes in Paris [englisch]


Last in the series of the November Talks 2019 at the ENSA Paris-Belleville, Georges Descombes' lecture concludes this year's cycle called "Écologies ?". After the issue about the reuse of materials developed by Rotor and the ecologically efficient architecture of Harquitectes, the Swiss landscape architect Georges Descombes came to present the work of his studio and more particularly a project that occupied him for 15 years: the revitalization of the Aire river in the canton of Geneva. A real experimental laboratory carried out in the time necessary for its development, this project aims to create an ecology in its complexity, combining nature, hydraulic technology and living spaces. The design process presented during the conference provides a good example of how to imagine this complexity, by mixing many cultural and intellectual references.

Como Rolin



Georges Descombes spoke about the importance of universities and schools.

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