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Interior Scholarship | Blog 05/2018 | Anca Badut


Spaces and Dynamics

I am a Designer, Research Assistant, FX and Motion Graphics Junior Artist, Writer and Architecture Student. Having worked at a lot of scales and in different environments - from cities to underwater - and wishing to create links in between worlds using complex softwares such as Maya, I have entered the realm of research. During the last year, I’ve been conducting my own research for implementing Computer Graphics and Special Effects into the world of Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Analysis. This has played an important role in the introduction of a new Module in the “Advanced Visual Communication in Landscape Architecture” Course offered by the University of Toronto, Daniels Faculty - Master in Landscape Architecture Program. In July 2018, I had the chance to continue my work inside of the Autodesk Company while also participating into Usability Tests for Autodesk Maya 2019. The challenges of large scale research determined me to start exploring with environmental concepts at the scale of interior designs too.

Project 1



When the limit between virtual and real is getting smaller and smaller, when we start designing not for people, but for experiences, for organisms within organisms, when the next city is going to learn and auto-evolve, there is one thing that we lose. The sense of space. The sense of Where.

The here presented maps are errors from the construction of procedural terrains inside “World Machine”. They are not as much a glitch in the system as they are a glitch in between the human expectations and the computed results when working with black-boxes inside of a visual scripting world. Black-boxes, erosions, fractals, L-systems. That’s all it takes to start getting LOST.

Project 2


Maybe add a bit of Maths if you feel courageous. A bit of Physics, some Fluid Dynamics, Animate Everything, let them Interact, let the Dynamic and Static worlds Collide.

And watch your computer crashing, watch your render engine becoming painful to work with, watch the water becoming black - poor little fishes! Watch the wind taking your flowers away from the scene, watch errors become an important part of your life. Now call yourself an artist.

Anca Badut

Anca Badut. Foto: Sto-Stiftung / AIT
Anca Badut. Foto: Sto-Stiftung / AIT

About Anca Badut

Anca Badut studies architecture at the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu". She participated in an intership programme in Toronto at the Philip Beesley Architect Inc. / Living Architecture Systems group in 2017. After her Bachelor and Masters programme she plans to earn a Ph.D.

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