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Interior Scholarship | Blog 01/2017 | Michael Fehringer


Croatia | The other side of the country

This country, a place that has been shaped by tourism over the years and consequently is one of the world's top summer holiday destinations, reveals a very different character when you venture into its heartland. Because my girlfriend's family are Croatian, we have visited all of her family members and relatives who still live there, as well as former neighbours.

The further we travelled into the heartland, the clearer and more visible the effects of war on the country became. Partially bombed-out, collapsed and perforation-riddled houses littered the landscape. Dilapidated, hut-like houses appearing to be on the point of collapse are protected and cannot be torn down.

The locals here live in conditions that are a world away from what we are used to. The poverty is palpable. In spite of all this and the lack of significant financial resources, the people have managed to create a pleasant living environment.

These people seemed to be even warmer and friendlier than those in our homeland, which I found to be a very positive thing.

Michael Fehringer

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About Michael Fehringer

Michael Fehringer is one of four students who received the "Interior Scholarship" – the Sto Foundation's AIT scholarship – in 2016/17. He is studying interior design and 3D design at the New Design University in St. Pölten. The Interior Scholarship provides Michael with an opportunity to exhibit his own projects to a large audience, while the financial aid is very helpful and allows him to focus on what is truly important – his studies.

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