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A new "dress" for a 500-year-old press house

"Press house" is a constructive design project that is part of a realistic task with a real building owner. In addition to the concept and design, a special focus was placed on the development of technical and constructive detailed solutions that take into account the selection of ecological materials.

The focus of the task was the design of a seminar house: The building owner wants to give his 500-year-old press house, which is used to hold yoga seminars and workshops as well as music and art exhibits, a new "dress". The main characteristics of the building are to be preserved while the addition of a modern element should not be neglected. A fruit press formerly used at the location can be used as a showpiece.

Taking into account all of the wishes expressed by the building owner, we created a design that preserved resources and saved space. When entering the complex, the old fruit press is presented in a display case. To show consideration for the building, the existing stone walls are preserved. The design includes a front desk, a warehouse, two bedrooms, a kitchen as well as a large seminar room.

Sto-Stiftung_Michael Fehringer_(c)_AIT
Michael Fehringer ist Gewinner des Interior Scholarship. Foto: Sto-Stiftung / AIT / Michael Fehringer

Block of text: About Michael Fehringer

Michael Fehringer is one of four students who received the "Interior Scholarship" – the Sto Foundation's AIT scholarship – in 2016/17. He is studying interior design and 3D design at the New Design University in St. Pölten. The Interior Scholarship provides Michael with an opportunity to exhibit his own projects to a large audience, while the financial aid is very helpful and allows him to focus on what is truly important – his studies.

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