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An internship in the ARCH+ editorial office in Berlin | Scholar portraits

Sto-Stiftung_Philipp Krüpe (c) ARCH+
Philipp Krüpe is a Sto Foundation and ARCH+ association scholar. Photo: Sto Foundation/ARCH +

As part of a mentor master's programme, Philipp studies architecture and cultural theory under Prof. Stephan Trüby at the Technical University of Munich. He is currently putting his studies on hold to participate in an internship at ARCH+.

Even while he was obtaining his bachelor's degree, Philipp's interests moved away from architectural production, i.e. the planning of buildings, etc., and toward a theoretical and scientific analysis of architecture. His bachelor's thesis dealt with architecture and boredom. In the course of his work, he wrote an essay entitled "Prolegomena to a theory on boredom".

In addition to his studies, he performed curatorial functions for the Architekturgalerie in Munich as well as the Buchheim Museum. He is also a co-founder of the architecture-themed publication medium o.D. (Architecture on demand).

The scholarship from ARCH+ and the Sto Foundation provides him with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to further delve into his areas of focus and interest with the help of the various ARCH+ platforms.

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