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An internship in the ARCH+ editorial office in Berlin | Scholar portraits

Sto-Stiftung_Florian Bengert (c) ARCH+
Florian Bengert is a Sto Foundation and ARCH+ association scholar. Photo: Sto Foundation/ARCH +

Florian Bengert is pursuing his master's degree in architecture at KIT in Karlsruhe. He earned his bachelor's degree at KIT in 2013 and then completed a nine-month internship at Buchner Bründler Architekten in Basel. As research assistant, he provides support in the area of architectural communication and works in the field of Space and Design.

The main components of his practical work are conceptional thinking and an authentic, project-specific approach. He is interested in the possibilities of interdisciplinary functions, including visual communication, photography and written discourse. Through a critical analysis of socio-cultural phenomena, he deals with the question of the digital era's cultural logic and the resulting role of architects. In order to be able to offer fresh, radical and optimistic approaches for the built and non-built environments as well as their future challenges, he believes that critical discourse is an integral component of designs.

His master's thesis entitled "In data we trust" deals with virtual worlds and new public spheres. He is looking for strategies to fill anachronistic gaps that would allow architecture to once again become aware of its intellectual power.

The scholarship from ARCH+ and the Sto Foundation affords him the opportunity to work on these issues and to actively participate in the dialogue on these topics.

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